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Servicing and Parts


South Coast Sewing Machines' Fully-qualified Service Engineers are ready, willing and able, to deal with any problem that any sewing machine from the most sophisticated industrial machine to the simplest domestic type can present. They have solved most of them many times before! Whether you have signed up to our service package and mobile repair service, or yours is a one-off incident, we can help. It doesn't matter whether you bought your machine from us in the first place or picked it up in a car-boot sale, South Coast Sewing Machines will come to your rescue.

Give us a call on 07462 206 126 or 07966 350 469 to seek our help with a problem or simply to find out more about South Coast Sewing Machines' fully inclusive service package and mobile repair services which cover all types and makes of sewing machines.

Parts for Sewing Machines

All the more frequently broken or worn out parts for most machines are held in stock here at Havant and those with the highest mortality rates, plus many others, are routinely carried by our mobile service and repair teams. If you do catch us out and the part you need is not in stock, which is pretty unlikely, we will, of course, be pleased to procure it for you as speedily as possible.

A few examples of the parts we normally do have in stock are;

  • Domestic / industrial machine motors
  • Replacement and spare bobbins
  • Domestic sewing machine parts
  • Industrial sewing machine parts
  • Heavy duty industrial parts

If you require further information or would like to discuss a particular project please Contact us today to discuss a package appropriate to your needs.

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